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Happy 2013….

Happy 2013…..


my cosmic chat

my cosmic chat.

and a friend wrote…………


I have a peculiar heart.

It’s cold and warm.

I’ve been through death.

I am the survivor.

I am new.

I am.

Therefore, I think?

If I had to choose, would I be the chicken or the egg.

I am content with my place in life.

I would be the chicken.

Thanks Joy for being aware and connecting the dots.

Sometimes we are the only ones to see the dots.

Nonje ne regrette rien meaning “No, I don’t regret anything

Spring ahead winter solstice

About a year ago I ran into a single malt in Newport; Springbank.
My local pub is now carrying it.
I find a splash of water enhances the taste.
Keeping it short or it never gets out.
Til next time.

Arizona October 2011




From Patagonia to Flagstaff.
What a trip!
October 14-22nd. I love New Mexico but Arizona has an appeal all its own.
It has all of the stuff I learned about in “grammar school”, buttes, plateaus, plains, ………
It is amazing to start @ one end the state with cactus “forests”. Cactus as far as you can see. No lawns here except @ the golf course and that really looks un-natural.
I think there is a 4,300 foot elevation difference between Tucson & Flagstaff.
The other end/ extreme of the state filled w/ Ponderosa pines. Trees so tall and full, nothing grows beneath them.
Wickenburg, AZ was our base of operations. It’s a real cowboy town.
I bought a great pair of Justin boots in the local cowboy store.
They had never fitted anyone for boots wearing a kilt. It was a pleasure that noone ever commented.
We went shooting out in the desert. First time that dead-eye ever held or shot a pistol, from a .22 to a magnum.
Arizona is beautiful. Big towns, little towns. They have it all going on. Whatever you might want, you’ll find it.


That is what I am, a boulevardier!
I have always been one to sit, watch and observe.
I watch & I listen. Men & women talk, touching one another in public with no intention of anything else. In private; it’s a hands off policy. What a waste.
“Time to take off the stockings” she said.
Off with the fishnets and to sleep they go.
Stop. Look. Listen.
There’s a movie playing in front of us.
I am a camera.
I am a boulevardier!

Friday October 7th

Had dinner@  the Wherehouse w/ Toni / Ed. I ran into Sean. Didn’t know where to start since Beebs closed. Dan Brown does a great job & draws a nice crowd. Comfort food w/ good beer&  wine.

A new friday

I made the rounds Friday night before last. Paula’s Wine Bar, Lakeview House, Capt. Jake’s, Billy Joe’s. It was a late night but a lot of fun. Paula is such a natural at what she does and makes everyone feel welcome in her” home”. Jimmy Carter went in for hip surgery. Cheryl & Billy stopped @ the Lakeview. Saw Richard & a couple of greek ladies @  CJ’s. Listened to music@  Billy Joe’s w/ Bridgette from Oswego.  Need to stop out to Paula’s when I return from Arizona.

The grand finale




The night started slowly and graduated.
More tomorrow.
It was a great nite.

Photos courtesy of Matt Costa



Well, I played @ Beeb’s last night for the final time. It was a night like any other friday night. Because it was my final performance, I got a lot of very positive feedback from a lot of people. This has been my summer of improvement. Even I feel i’ve sounded good. That’s a compliment given that we are our own worst critics!
tonight will be the last night for business @ Beeb’s. We will be stopping in to visit on our way home from CT. We’re doing a 1 year old bday party this afternoon.
That’s all. Gotta go! 

Another one bites the dust

People &  places come and they go.
An old familiar haunt died in february and was reborn in June? with a different vibe.
Now it would seem another long time home away from home is about to pass away. Hopefully there will be a reprieve.
There are too many memories and a lot of friends.
We shall see.
A major port on the trip to Ithaca.

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